The mission of the RCS is to care for the community of the needy in line with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our operations are currently focused on the Fort Bend Area with the aim of expanding our services, in stages, to other regions in Richmond and Roseburg . In the pursuance of this mission, we are engaged in the delivery of the following services:

1.General Counselling: With a qualified Counsellor as the coordinator, this service provides a first level support as may be required by individuals and families in the following areas: Family Relationships, Financial Guidance, Career Guidance and Telephone Counselling

2. Job Search Services: This is in recognition of the need to ensure that everyone that is able and willing to work is given the opportunity to do so, backed with the basic resources and guidance that will ensure success. The following support structures are in place to ensure a successful outcome for job seekers. Resume Development, Job Search Skills Guidance, Interview Techniques, Cover Letter, Application & Selection Criteria Guidance.

3. Food-on-the-Go: A service dedicated to meeting the feeding needs of the less fortunate in the society.This service is predominantly funded by individuals donations It is targeted at those on Social Security benefits, individuals and families that are in temporary financial difficulties.

4. Migrant Resource & Mentoring Services: Experience has shown that when new migrants are left unguided, frustrations may set in as the process of integration into the society becomes more challenging. The society at large is also denied the benefits of the skills set embodied in the newly arrived migrant. Hence, this service is aimed at guiding and mentoring migrants for success Justice of the Peace Services: This service is aimed at making life easier for the disadvantaged in the society that may find it challenging in locating this judicial service

5. Youth Services: The primary focus here is developing future leaders and equip them with a good spiritual foundation on which to build a just and God fearing society. Our services are delivered by a dedicated and God fearing team of volunteers.

As we gradually expand our services, more information will be made available on this website, please stay tuned.

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