Spirit of Praise and Thanksgiving

Bible Teaching Outline.

Theme: Going Forward by the spirit of Praise and Thanksgiving

Understanding the power of Praise and Thanksgiving

Text: Psalm 100:4, 1 Chronicles 16:29


A wise man has said ‘’ if you’re not thoughtful you cannot be praiseful and if you’re not praiseful you cannot be joyful and when you are not joyful, you cannot not be thankful”. This is true of most humans today but the unfortunate reality is that Christians, that is born again, spirit filled, tongue- talking and church going believers are most guilty of this assertion. This is largely due to ignorance of who and what we are and carry.

An understanding of what the Spirit that now dwells in us carries and represent will make us know that joy is an embedded part of our inheritance which should daily spur us into an attitude of thanksgiving on daily basis. Luke 9: 55.

What is praise and thanksgiving?       

Praise is a spontaneous outburst of glad exclamation and adulation of God in appreciation of who He is and what He is, regardless of our own prevailing situation while thanksgiving is an expression of appreciation for God’s benevolence in either answer to prayer or manifestation of His benevolence in our lives and an application for more. Psalm 150:1-6, 1 Samuel 2: 1-10.

What is in praise and thanksgiving?

  • Praise is the key that moves the hand of God to bear upon our situation while thanksgiving is the key that sustains the outstretched hand of God upon the situation. 2 Chronicles 20:22-30
  • Praise is the key that unlocks every closed door and thanksgiving is the force that keeps it forever opened. Acts 16:25
  • Praise and a life style of thanksgiving reverses the irreversible. John11:21,41-44.
  • Praise produces unquantifiable and fearful harvest while thanksgiving preserves our harvest. Psalms 67:3-7

Why should we have an attitude of praise and thanksgiving?

  • It is commanded. Psalm 67:3,150:6
  • Praise is comely and thanksgiving promotes an assurance of inner peace. Psalms33:1,147:1
  • Praise and thanksgiving emboldens the believer.1 Samuel 30:6.

Conclusion: Praise is an attitude and thanksgiving is a choice, both can be cultivated as a lifestyle by the believer.

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